What is an “email” in the pricing plan and how it is counted?

In Mail Hunter your usage is measured with email. Each email that you received after your search request will be counted. If you get in your search results the same email several times per counting period the system will count it only one time.

Do unused emails from a previous counting period carry over?

No, your available emails count will be reset, and unused emails will not carry over.

If a search request returns no results, does it count emails against me?

No, the system counts only emails that you received in search results after your request.

Do “emails” count resets at the beginning of every month?

Your “emails” count resets at the beginning of your account cycle (depending on when you created your account).

Are the same search requests, made several times, counted each time?

No, if you get in your search results the same email several times per counting period the system will count it only one time.

What does the Domain Search do?

When you search a domain or website all the email addresses with the same domain we found will be returned for you.

Do I need to provide the domain name only to find emails for it?

You can provide the URL, website or domain name you want to find emails for.

Why are there no results for email addresses for certain domain names?

Such case could appear in accordance with the following reasons:

  • There are no public emails available for that domain.
  • We have not crawled anything where those email addresses appear yet.
  • The company using this domain has a limited presence online.
  • The company uses another domain name for their emails.
  • The websites where these email addresses appear don't allow crawlers.

Does Mail Hunter allow finding webmail such as gmail.com, yahoo.com, etc?

Mail Hunter is created to find and verify professionals emails only, the system won't verify or provide email for domain like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.

Is there a limit for the emails that can be extracted in the Domain Search?

Search results are limited only by your pricing plan. You can add in domain search several domains at the same time and receive results with limitations based on the plan.

Can I find email addresses from a list of domains?

Yes, this is what the bulk domain search does. You can enter as many as you want URLs, websites, and domain and get the .csv file with the email addresses in return.

What are the accepted formats for the search request in the bulk functionalities?

With the help of the Bulk Domain Search you can find a list of email addresses from a list of companies. Entered domains could be separated by the following separators: ",", ";" or with the help of "enter"(for example, "mailhunter.io;mailhunter.io ").

Or you can just enter any text that contains URLs, websites, and domains and magic will happen :)