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Rakesh Vinayek | Professor, Medicine

Rakesh Vinayek is the Professor, Medicine at Indiana University Bloomington based in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States.

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Indiana University Bloomington
200 W Washington St. # 151, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46204, United States

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Indiana University Bloomington

200 W Washington St. # 151, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46204, United States

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Indiana University&s;s Center for Postsecondary Research (CPR) promotes student success and institutional excellence by conducting and disseminating research on student access, assessment, engagement, and persistence and by assisting postsecondary institutions and related agencies in gathering and using data for educational decision making and institutional improvement. CPR, a research center of the Indiana University School of Education, is home to an array of nationally prominent projects, including the National Survey of Student Engagement, the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education, the National Institute for Transformation and Equity, and now the VALUE Institute, that serve thousands of institutions, practitioners, and scholars every year.

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Frequently asked questions about Rakesh Vinayek

For what company does Rakesh Vinayek work?

Rakesh Vinayek works for Indiana University Bloomington.

What's Rakesh Vinayek's the most recent work experience?

Rakesh Vinayek's the most recent work experience is Professor, Medicine at Indiana University Bloomington.

In which industry is Rakesh Vinayek working?

Rakesh Vinayek is working in the industry of Colleges & Universities, Education.

What's the title of Rakesh Vinayek in Indiana University Bloomington?

Rakesh Vinayek title in Indiana University Bloomington is Professor, Medicine.

What is Rakesh Vinayek's main office phone?

Rakesh Vinayek's main office phone is (317) 234-2043.

Who are the colleagues of Rakesh Vinayek?

The colleagues of Rakesh Vinayek are Nova Kien, Darren Hawkins, Liza Sumpter, Kathleen Grant, Alexander Thompson

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