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Pablo Guerrero at Solotech based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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5200 Hochelaga St., Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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5200 Hochelaga St., Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Solotech provides audiovisual and entertainment technology services for live productions or system integration projects. Solotech was founded in 1977 and is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Business Services Hospitality Management Consulting Recreation

Frequently asked questions about Pablo Guerrero

For what company does Pablo Guerrero work?

Pablo Guerrero works for Solotech.

What's Pablo Guerrero's the most recent work experience?

Pablo Guerrero's the most recent work experience is at Solotech.

In which industry is Pablo Guerrero working?

Pablo Guerrero is working in the industry of Business Services, Hospitality, Management Consulting, Recreation.

What's the title of Pablo Guerrero in Solotech?

Pablo Guerrero title in Solotech is .

What is Pablo Guerrero's main office phone?

Pablo Guerrero's main office phone is (514) 526-7721.

What is Pablo Guerrero's email?

Pablo Guerrero's email is p***

Who are the colleagues of Pablo Guerrero?

The colleagues of Pablo Guerrero are Vincent Brunelle, Raphael Tortella, Patrick Marleau, Pierre-Luc Demers, Sacha Veilleux

Who are equal to Pablo Guerrero in other companies?

Pablo Guerrero's equal at other companies are Stéphane Groleau, Nii Akuetteh, Dayan Hernandez, Moacy Gois, Caroline Dion.

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