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Lawton McCracken | Project Manager

Lawton McCracken is the Project Manager at Flowmetrix Technical Services Inc based in London, Ontario, Canada.

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Flowmetrix Technical Services Inc
2088 Jetstream Rd., London, Ontario, Canada

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Flowmetrix Technical Services Inc

2088 Jetstream Rd., London, Ontario, Canada

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SCG Flowmetrix started as Flowmetrix Technical Services Inc. in 2004, primarily focused on flow measurement services. It grew to be one of the biggest technical service providers in Ontario and started both interprovincial and international projects, with a wide spectrum of services. On August 17th, 2017, Smith Cameron Process Solutions acquired Flowmetrix and branded the company as SCG Flowmetrix, one of three companies that now make up the Smith Cameron Group of Companies (SCG):SCG Flowmetrix, SCG Metcon, and SCG Process. This group of companies now provide a national footprint in the increasingly important water and wastewater treatment market. SCG Flowmetrix prides itself for being an un-biased leader in flow & water quality measurement instruments, and technical services bridging engineering disciplines and qualified trades-person in a pragmatic manner, providing one source service/sales opportunities within each of our marketplaces. Leveraging our expertise of relevant flow/quality instrumentation for suitable applications, SCG Flowmetrix also offers engineering support services and studies ranging from water distribution studies, non-revenue water-loss studies, balances and audits to sanitary sewer flow monitoring services and engineering level dye dilution meter calibrations and plant optimization studies. Three major business components of SCG Flowmetrix are services, training, and product sales.

Frequently asked questions about Lawton McCracken

For what company does Lawton McCracken work?

Lawton McCracken works for Flowmetrix Technical Services Inc.

What's Lawton McCracken's the most recent work experience?

Lawton McCracken's the most recent work experience is Project Manager at Flowmetrix Technical Services Inc.

What's the title of Lawton McCracken in Flowmetrix Technical Services Inc?

Lawton McCracken title in Flowmetrix Technical Services Inc is Project Manager.

What is Lawton McCracken's main office phone?

Lawton McCracken's main office phone is (519) 870-3569.

What is Lawton McCracken's email?

Lawton McCracken's email is l***

Who are equal to Lawton McCracken in other companies?

Lawton McCracken's equal at other companies are Paul Wicinski, Naveen Mulwani, Shawn Lund, Connie Kramer, Sergiy Ivanov.

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