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Ajit Abraham

Ajit Abraham at Indian Institute of Technology based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

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Indian Institute of Technology
IIT Area, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400076, India

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Indian Institute of Technology

IIT Area, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400076, India

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Frequently asked questions about Ajit Abraham

For what company does Ajit Abraham work?

Ajit Abraham works for Indian Institute of Technology.

What's Ajit Abraham's the most recent work experience?

Ajit Abraham's the most recent work experience is at Indian Institute of Technology.

In which industry is Ajit Abraham working?

Ajit Abraham is working in the industry of Colleges & Universities, Education.

What's the title of Ajit Abraham in Indian Institute of Technology?

Ajit Abraham title in Indian Institute of Technology is .

What is Ajit Abraham's main office phone?

Ajit Abraham's main office phone is +91 22 2572 2545.

Who are the colleagues of Ajit Abraham?

The colleagues of Ajit Abraham are Shri Prasad, Meet Udeshi, Rajesh Sarmalkar, Preeti Rao, Nikhil Salunkhe

Who are equal to Ajit Abraham in other companies?

Ajit Abraham's equal at other companies are Mahesh Sawant, Kumar Gurusamy, Abhishek Indurkar, Shweta Shirke, Abhishek Arora.

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