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Mayur Pandey | Senior Software Developer

Mayur Pandey is the Senior Software Developer at Tavisca based in Vadgaon Sheri, Maharashtra, India.

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�B� Block, 7th Floor, Vadgaon Sheri, Maharashtra, 411014, India

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�B� Block, 7th Floor, Vadgaon Sheri, Maharashtra, 411014, India

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Tavisca is a travel technology solutions company that provides software platforms to the travel industry. It offers application development, quality and UI/UX engineering, and solution architecture. The company was founded in 2008 and is based in Pun...

Software Software Development & Design

Frequently asked questions about Mayur Pandey

For what company does Mayur Pandey work?

Mayur Pandey works for Tavisca.

What's Mayur Pandey's the most recent work experience?

Mayur Pandey's the most recent work experience is Senior Software Developer at Tavisca.

In which industry is Mayur Pandey working?

Mayur Pandey is working in the industry of Software, Software Development & Design.

What's the title of Mayur Pandey in Tavisca?

Mayur Pandey title in Tavisca is Senior Software Developer.

What is Mayur Pandey's main office phone?

Mayur Pandey's main office phone is +91 20 6708 3100.

What is Mayur Pandey's email?

Mayur Pandey's email is m***

Who are the colleagues of Mayur Pandey?

The colleagues of Mayur Pandey are Sudarshan Patil, Shubhangi Bisaria, Tushar Jajodia, Namita Arora, Manav Prasad

Who are equal to Mayur Pandey in other companies?

Mayur Pandey's equal at other companies are Pankaj Bhandarkar, Sujit Mali.

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