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Chetan Srivastava

Chetan Srivastava at Vijai Electricals Ltd based in Cie Balangar, Telangana, India.

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Vijai Electricals Ltd
6-3-648/1&2, Off Raj Bhavan Rd., Somajiguda, Cie Balangar, Telangana, 500037, India

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Vijai Electricals Ltd

6-3-648/1&2, Off Raj Bhavan Rd., Somajiguda, Cie Balangar, Telangana, 500037, India

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Vijai Electricals created a history when its magnum opus, 333 MVA, 1150/400/33kV, single phase Autotransformer, developed with in-house technology, know-how and expertise, passed Routine and Type tests in presence of POWERGRID representatives during 13th to 18th June 2011. Vijai electrical Ltd, an established leader in Distribution Transformers, made a foray into Power transformers in the year 2007-08 and in just 4 years of operation developed the entire range of Power transformers from 66 kV to 132,220,400 and now 1200 kV class. Vijai Electricals is the only manufacturer in the country to produce entire range of transformers from tiniest 5 kVA 11 kV to largest 333300 kVA 1200 kV.

Electronics Manufacturing Power Conversion & Protection Equipment

Frequently asked questions about Chetan Srivastava

For what company does Chetan Srivastava work?

Chetan Srivastava works for Vijai Electricals Ltd.

What's Chetan Srivastava's the most recent work experience?

Chetan Srivastava's the most recent work experience is at Vijai Electricals Ltd.

In which industry is Chetan Srivastava working?

Chetan Srivastava is working in the industry of Electronics, Manufacturing, Power Conversion & Protection Equipment.

What's the title of Chetan Srivastava in Vijai Electricals Ltd?

Chetan Srivastava title in Vijai Electricals Ltd is .

What is Chetan Srivastava's main office phone?

Chetan Srivastava's main office phone is +91 40 3061 7798.

Who are the colleagues of Chetan Srivastava?

The colleagues of Chetan Srivastava are Tanya Lewis, Vijay Singh, Pam Govert, Jagadeesh Jagam, Subramanyam Thota

Who are equal to Chetan Srivastava in other companies?

Chetan Srivastava's equal at other companies are Tanya Lewis, NICHINO-Devendra Reddy, Subramanyam Thota, Copia Hyd, Shardul Velhal.

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