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Amy Sucsessful is the Attorney at Urgo & Nugent LLC based in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

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Urgo & Nugent LLC
2 NORTH LA SALLE St., Ste. 1800, Chicago, Illinois, 60602, United States

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Urgo & Nugent LLC

2 NORTH LA SALLE St., Ste. 1800, Chicago, Illinois, 60602, United States

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Urgo & Nugent, LLC.&s;s major emphasis is in the area of trial advocacy on every level of the Illinois Court system, including the Appellate Courts. Urgo & Nugent, LLC. is a firm made up of trial lawyers committed to providing vigorous and quality representation, while attempting to reduce the economic burdens of litigation on its clients and insurance carriers.

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Frequently asked questions about Amy Sucsessful

For what company does Amy Sucsessful work?

Amy Sucsessful works for Urgo & Nugent LLC.

What's Amy Sucsessful's the most recent work experience?

Amy Sucsessful's the most recent work experience is Attorney at Urgo & Nugent LLC.

In which industry is Amy Sucsessful working?

Amy Sucsessful is working in the industry of Law Firms & Legal Services.

What's the title of Amy Sucsessful in Urgo & Nugent LLC?

Amy Sucsessful title in Urgo & Nugent LLC is Attorney.

What is Amy Sucsessful's main office phone?

Amy Sucsessful's main office phone is (312) 263-6635.

Who are the colleagues of Amy Sucsessful?

The colleagues of Amy Sucsessful are Richard Nugent, Mark Sheaffer

Who are equal to Amy Sucsessful in other companies?

Amy Sucsessful's equal at other companies are Maria Barlow, Christopher Bergin, Polly Myers, Dan Klaff, Chad Nold.

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