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Larry Berry is the Automation Head at Custom Powder Systems LLC based in Springfield, Missouri, United States.

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Custom Powder Systems LLC
2715 North Airport Commerce Ave., Springfield, Missouri, 65803, United States

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Custom Powder Systems LLC

2715 North Airport Commerce Ave., Springfield, Missouri, 65803, United States

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Custom Powder Systems is actually a containment company, so as a containment company, we offer many different solutions for customers. The advantages of bin blending over v-blending are: you don&s;t have to have so much downtime to wash the v-blender between campaigns. If you&s;re a nutraceutical manufacturer or if you&s;re a contract manufacturer, and you&s;re making ten different products, well customer A doesn&s;t want customer B&s;s product getting cross-contamination. Or even for the same customer, you don&s;t want cross-contamination of any of your products. When you use bin blending, your product is completely contained within that bin, and it blends. You can be blending for days on end with the same products going through, and suddenly, the sales department needs a batch of product B. You stop it, you put in the new bin with the new product, and then you can continue on back with the original product. When you have a v-blender, you end up with an 8 to 10 or even a 16 hour shutdown, cleaning, "Let me run the new product. When you get that batch out, sales is happy now, but now I&s;ve got another 8 to 16 hour cleaning before I can go back to what I was originally doing. Bin blending is a huge advantage, but there are some customers who aren&s;t able to switch from v-blending to bin blending. For those customers, we can provide an updated, new machine and save them operating costs, save them downtime, for the older machines.

Healthcare Pharmaceuticals

Frequently asked questions about Larry Berry

For what company does Larry Berry work?

Larry Berry works for Custom Powder Systems LLC.

What's Larry Berry's the most recent work experience?

Larry Berry's the most recent work experience is Automation Head at Custom Powder Systems LLC.

In which industry is Larry Berry working?

Larry Berry is working in the industry of Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals.

What's the title of Larry Berry in Custom Powder Systems LLC?

Larry Berry title in Custom Powder Systems LLC is Automation Head.

What is Larry Berry's main office phone?

Larry Berry's main office phone is (417) 868-8002.

What is Larry Berry's email?

Larry Berry's email is l***

Who are the colleagues of Larry Berry?

The colleagues of Larry Berry are Robert Faulkner, Brad Baxter, Jim Stafford, Cory Williams, Dale McIntosh

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