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Yujing Song | Quality Control Engineer

Yujing Song is the Quality Control Engineer at SMR Automotive Ltd based in Lonsdale, South Australia, Australia.

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SMR Automotive Ltd
Sherriffs Rd., Lonsdale, South Australia, 5160, Australia

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SMR Automotive Ltd

Sherriffs Rd., Lonsdale, South Australia, 5160, Australia

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SMR is a global corporation with manufacturing facilities and a global customer base. Its broad customer base includes all major car makers in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. SMRs manufacturing plants, spread across the globe, are specialized in polymer processing, manufacturing of electronic and electro-mechanical systems, glass processing, automated painting and the assembly of complete systems. The Companys employees are dedicated to meeting the intricate demands of both todays and tomorrows automotive industry in terms of quality, safety, aesthetics and economic efficiency. Global networking of all departments guarantees that the whole group benefits from the most successful processes and the best experts in the group.

Manufacturing Motor Vehicle Parts

Frequently asked questions about Yujing Song

For what company does Yujing Song work?

Yujing Song works for SMR Automotive Ltd.

What's Yujing Song's the most recent work experience?

Yujing Song's the most recent work experience is Quality Control Engineer at SMR Automotive Ltd.

In which industry is Yujing Song working?

Yujing Song is working in the industry of Manufacturing, Motor Vehicle Parts.

What's the title of Yujing Song in SMR Automotive Ltd?

Yujing Song title in SMR Automotive Ltd is Quality Control Engineer.

What is Yujing Song's main office phone?

Yujing Song's main office phone is +61 8 8301 7777.

What is Yujing Song's email?

Yujing Song's email is y***@smr-automotive.com

Who are the colleagues of Yujing Song?

The colleagues of Yujing Song are Shieka Butler, Michael Wallace, Lalit Papnoi, Keith Brown, Herik Milani

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