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Linda Ferri is the Sales at Grace Beauty LLC based in New York City, New York, United States.

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Grace Beauty LLC
1140 Ave. of the Americas, Fl. 16, New York City, New York, 10036, United States

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Grace Beauty LLC

1140 Ave. of the Americas, Fl. 16, New York City, New York, 10036, United States

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Grace Beauty accelerates the growth of beauty brands by expanding their reach to new customers and channels, with a focus on US food, drug, and mass retailers. The company&s;s mission is to understand the evolving consumer retail experience while partnering with world-class brands and entrepreneurs to best deliver outstanding products to the market. The company not only distributes consumer products into over 25,000 points of sale in the food, drug, and mass retail channels but also provides full sales, marketing, and product development support to its manufacturing partners within the beauty industry. The company&s;s strategic investment arm, Grace Beauty Capital, was founded as a private family office to make strategic investments in emerging consumer retail, consumer technology, and data analytics companies, leveraging Grace Beauty&s;s retail expertise and infrastructure to help entrepreneurs successfully grow their businesses.

Retail Retail General

Frequently asked questions about Linda Ferri

For what company does Linda Ferri work?

Linda Ferri works for Grace Beauty LLC.

What's Linda Ferri's the most recent work experience?

Linda Ferri's the most recent work experience is Sales at Grace Beauty LLC.

In which industry is Linda Ferri working?

Linda Ferri is working in the industry of Retail, Retail General.

What's the title of Linda Ferri in Grace Beauty LLC?

Linda Ferri title in Grace Beauty LLC is Sales.

What is Linda Ferri's main office phone?

Linda Ferri's main office phone is (212) 586-0100.

Who are the colleagues of Linda Ferri?

The colleagues of Linda Ferri are Brenda Minor, George Adams, Terri Grace, Phil Borrero, Don Demers

Who are equal to Linda Ferri in other companies?

Linda Ferri's equal at other companies are Greg Cunninghan, Christopher Dixon, Winston Wong, Gus Kratsios, Trudy Interset.

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