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Robyn Alexander | Sales Associate

Robyn Alexander is the Sales Associate at Chico&s;s FAS based in Fort Myers, Florida, United States.

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(239) 277-6200 show
Chico&s;s FAS
11215 Metro Parkway, Fort Myers, Florida, 33966, United States

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Chico&s;s FAS

11215 Metro Parkway, Fort Myers, Florida, 33966, United States

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Chico&s;s FAS is a specialty retailer of private branded clothing, intimates, complementary accessories, and other non-clothing gift items. The Company operates specialty stores, including stores in 48 states, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Apparel & Accessories Retail Department Stores, Shopping Centers & Superstores Retail

Frequently asked questions about Robyn Alexander

For what company does Robyn Alexander work?

Robyn Alexander works for Chico&s;s FAS.

What's Robyn Alexander's the most recent work experience?

Robyn Alexander's the most recent work experience is Sales Associate at Chico&s;s FAS.

In which industry is Robyn Alexander working?

Robyn Alexander is working in the industry of Apparel & Accessories Retail, Department Stores, Shopping Centers & Superstores, Retail.

What's the title of Robyn Alexander in Chico&s;s FAS?

Robyn Alexander title in Chico&s;s FAS is Sales Associate.

What is Robyn Alexander's main office phone?

Robyn Alexander's main office phone is (239) 277-6200.

Who are the colleagues of Robyn Alexander?

The colleagues of Robyn Alexander are Billie Sandlin, Alexandria Benjamin, Brittany Wayne, Noman Khan, Rosetta Stinson

Who are equal to Robyn Alexander in other companies?

Robyn Alexander's equal at other companies are Lori Gordon, Deja Jones, Susan Davison, Heather Schroeder, Julie Prudhomme.

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